Friday, 6 September 2013

Pond's Cold Cream [Review]

Dear readers,

I'm always changing face creams, cleansers, wipes - always on the look out for the next best thing. About 3 weeks ago I ran out of my Good Things cleaner and I wanted to test something new, and hey presto! I ended up buying the Pond's Cold Cream after reading that it has been around for ages [and how good it is].

According to Wiki, cold creams are made from a blend of water and certain types of fats/bees wax which all help remove stubborn makeup while protecting and moisturising your skin without turning it into a grease ball.

And apparently, Pond's has been around since 1846!

I got the Cold Cream for All Skin Types, which cost me around €6 from a local store. You can get it worldwide - check out this e-bay link *here* if you can't find it in your hometown. You can also get it from Chemist Direct *here*.

It comes in a small glass jar with a twist on lid. You get 50ml which is quite a small amount for a cleanser.

The cream itself is quite waxy: to apply you just apply some blobs to your face, then massage it in. To remove, simply dampen a face cloth with warm water and wipe off.

What I love about this: it leaves my face feeling soft and velvety. At first I was worried that it would make my face real greasy but it did not. I always use this before going to bed after a nice shower and I love how my skin feels after I've wiped it off.

I like the smell - to me this cream smells like roses.

What I don't like: sometimes, even though I never open my eyes before I've wiped it all off, it sometimes makes my vision kind of blurry, like there is something in my eyes - but it goes away with just a few blinks. This does not happen right after I've used it - it usually happens just after I've woken up. Strange.

Although it claims that it removes even waterproof mascara, I do have trouble removing even normal mascara - this does leave some mascara residue on your under eye area - so usually I have to wipe it off with the damp cloth - but it does come off easily that way.

So what I'm doing now is this: I remove my mascara and liner with a makeup removing wipe, then I use this cold cream on the rest of my face for lovely, soft skin. Plus it did not break me out.

Would repurchase!

What kind of cleanser do you all use?


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