Sunday, 10 November 2013

MAC Viva Glam 1 [Review]

Dear readers,

I love Autumn and Winter because it means that I can wear loads of red lipsticks [and darker colours too]. The latest red lipstick to join my collection is MAC's Viva Glam 1.

When I ventured to the MAC store this was the last shade on my mind, since I wanted to get a couple of shades from the Retro Collection - but the ones I wanted were sold out. One of the girls there asked me if I had this shade because she thought that my olive skin would work really well with the shade of Viva Glam 1, so I got it.

As most of you know, all the money that is made from this lipstick (and all the Viva Glam shades) go towards the MAC Aids Fund to help men, women and children who are suffering from the condition.

And did you know that apparently this shade has been around since 1994?

Viva Glam 1 is a deep, red matte lipstick with excellent pigmentation and lasts for hours and hours. Although it is matte, is is not drying on the lips - although I always prep my lips with a scrub and a lipbalm before I apply any kind of lipstick [especially matte ones].

If you would like a classic MAC red lipstick but think that Ruby Woo or Russian Red are too bright for you, you should definitely try Viva Glam 1 out.

I also think that this would suit nearly (if not) all skin tones.




  1. Love this shade! Such a vibrant shade!

    http://kellinasthoughts.blogspot. com

    1. I agree! And it has a retro vibe to it which I love

  2. I love MAC lipcolours. They are so rich and long-lasting. How much did it take? I hope it's not to costly hehe.. <3

  3. I haven't heard much about Viva Glam I but the shade is gorgeous! x

  4. OMG!! Sucha beautiful red <3 I'm just in a great state of confusion whether to get Russian Red or Ruby Woo or a MAC Riri or this one :-D This is abs stunning xoxo


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