Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Sleek Makeup Blush by 3 in 'Pink Sprint' [Review]

Dear readers,

I've always wanted to try Sleek Makeup, and the first thing which I got was the Blush by 3 in 'Pink Sprint'. I chose to buy a blush palette over a lipstick or say, an eyeshadow palette only because I find that blushers really do not have any staying power on me [with the exception of Benefit's Benetint which I just love!] and I think that I look really pasty without a healthy flush.

I got mine from Superdrug but you can get yours from the Sleek website by following this link *here*. They ships to a number of countries including Malta =^.^=

This costs €12.99 from the website.

It comes in a standard hinged palette with a good sized mirror on the inside. 

You get 3 shades: a gorgeous cranberry colour, a brightish pink and a dark dusty rose.

The shades in this palette are not for the faint hearted because they are loud and very much pigmented, but if you use a light hand [and it's better to use a light hand when applying loud colours] these really do work and they do give you a very nice rosy flush - which I love for the winter-y season.

These last about 4-5 hours on me which I think it's normal for a powder blush [on me anyways]




  1. What a really pretty little palette this is, I like the middle shade the most x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. I never heard of "Sleek" until now, thanks for sharing :) The blushers look gorgeous. Steph x

  3. I love these blushes. They look unwearable in the pan but on they are really gorgeous!


  4. Gorgeous I own one in LACE and lovvvvvvve it :) #gig love, do vivit back following ur blog and <3

  5. I like how thin the palette is. My favourite shade is the first one.



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