Friday, 21 February 2014

Tony Moly Cat's Wink Curling And Longlash Mascara #1 [Review | First Impressions]

Dear readers,

I love mascara.

...and so I thought that I should try out Korean mascaras, especially since I have an ongoing love affair with their cosmetics.

I'd tried the Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Lipstick [check out my review here] which I loved, especially the cute cat inspired packaging, and so I bought the mascaras from the same collection.

#1 is for volume and #2 is for curling [but more on the 2nd mascara in a later post].

I got mine from 2 ebay sellers but they both have none in stock at the moment :( These mascaras sell out like hot cakes! I bought mine for around €5 but I can't find any cheap ones available. The cheaper one I found out is $8.99 from this seller here.

The Cats Wink Mascara comes in cute cat packaging which I absolutely adore! It is quite slim for a mascara [especially if you compare it to Maybelline mascaras for example].

The mascara is really black and does not feel wet at all once you apply it - I'd say it dries quite fast [not as fast as waterproof mascaras though] - and yes, this is not waterproof.

The wand is made out of fibre bristles [not silicone] and it is quite on the thin and longish side, which makes it super easy for you to apply mascara on the shortest and tiniest lashes [and eases bottom lash application].

I looooveeeeeee this mascara! It gives such a luscious effect to my lashes, and for such a bargain price! It also works on shorter and straighter lashes - I tried it on my mum, and since then 5 of my lovely work colleagues have asked me to buy them this mascara.

And the good thing is that even though this mascara is not waterproof, it does not smudge under the eyes, nor does it flake. It is awesome like that. Not even when you wear this for the majority of the day, or when you wear this without using any other makeup, this stays put. I promise.

The only flaking that this does is when you try to remove it. But that's ok.

It also does not clump, even when you try applying more than 1 coat [I tried to apply 3 once] and it does not give you spidery lashes.

1 coat of mascara 

1 coat of mascara

Which is your favourite mascara?



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