Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Catrice Cosmetics Waterproof Liquid Liner in #010 'Don't Leave Me!' [Review]

This Catrice Waterproof Liquid Waterproof eyeliner is the latest to join my liquid liner brigade. I only bought it by coincidence-they didn't have my beloved Essence Cosmetic Liquid Ink in stock and I though that I would give this one a try until the other one was restocked.

It really is cheap, less than €5.00 for sure [or even less than €4.00].

Has it won my heart? Read on!

Similarly to the Essence Liquid Ink, the packaging of this one is also light blue and black. I love black packaging on eyeliners because most of the time I really manage to mess them up.

This one has a kind of sponge-y, pointy applicator (much like a felt tip) which is rather bendable - but obviously not as bendable as a brush liner would be, but also stiff. Really precise too!

It is a really deep black and one swipe is enough for maximum opacity.

It dries really quickly, so extra points for that!

It stays on all day long [especially if you have non oily eyelids] however on me it does fade a little bit around the corners/winged part - but I'm sure that's because my eyelids are oily.

Re: waterproof claim. This does stand water, it doesn't fade or anything, but it will smear/smudge a bit if you rub it while it's wet. So not exactly 100% waterproof. However, since it does not really fade [unless I've been crying] I don't really mind.

It is really easy to draw both thin and thicker lines with this.

Even flicks are really easy to create with this Catrice eyeliner. At first I couldn't get the hang of it since I am used to the brush type liners, but now I realise that with this one I am quicker at winging my liner. Yay!

Oh and I forgot to mention that this one is a repurchase - yes I love it so much that I re-bought this one instead of the Essence Liquid Ink eyeliner.

Two thumbs up.



  1. Lovey reveiw , thank you for sharing.
    I really lov the result of th swatch.
    I ve never tried this brand , but it looks great;
    Wish you a Happy New Year!

    1. You should totally try it out if you can find it. Happy New Year!


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