Saturday, 3 January 2015

Dr. Organic | Organic Virgin Coconut Monoi Moisture Melt Body Oil [Review]

I've always wanted to try out coconut oil instead of regular  treatment for hair, and when I was invited to the first Dr. Organic beauty bloggers event, I didn't hesitate in getting this Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Monoi Moisture Melt Body Oil

Like other coconut oils [pure ones, I mean] this is solid at room temperature, so you must run this under warm water, or else place it with you in your bath or a sink [and watch it magically transform into a delicious smelling liquid]

Of course, like other Dr. Organic products, this Coconut Oil is 100% pure and free from an nasty ingredients. [and smells lovely too!]

You can use this on your body, on your hands [and fingernails!] and hair.

So I use this mostly on my hair: I comb my hair, then I section it and slather this on [and hey presto! you get an early 90s wet look hihi]. I like to wrap it with a warm towel and leave it on for the better part of the day. Then I shampoo my hair three times [yes, just in case!] and condition as usual. Honestly, I can feel my hair thanking me when I do this! [which I try to do at least twice a month]

You can also use this Organic Virgin Coconut Monoi Moisture Melt Body Oil on your fingernails [just rub it in] or on your body as a moisturiser after you've bathed. 

Or you can use it as a massage oil *wink wink*

I've also used this on my eczema and it works really well at moisturising any dry bits.

This Dr. Organic product was a runner up in the 2014 Beauty Oscars and also the Beauty Insiders' Choice 2013 winner.

And yes, it is my most favourite Dr. Organic product.

It costs €9.80* and for my fellow Maltese, you can get this and other Dr. Organic products from selected outlets!

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