Sunday, 1 November 2015

Brush Cleaning [Brush Guards | Review]

What to do on a grey-skied Sunday? Except watching films / lazying about / lounging / eating / drinking tea? 

Readers, I was so bored that I actually went ahead and cleaned my brushes. I use a mixture of vegetable oil mixed with my often lemon-scented dish washing soap, dip said brushes in, give them a good swirl about on my hands, and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

What I usually hate the most is when it comes to dry the brushes [I used to lay them down on a towel, but it took up so much space], so when I saw these mesh brush guards, I immediately bought them. They were a steal at $0.71 / €0.63 for 10. 

I got mine from this link HERE.

They fit pretty much all of my brushes: from my Kabuki brush to my thinnest MAC Angled Brush. 

As you can tell from the photos, these guards not only help with the drying time, but also with retaining the shape of the brushes. 

Hope this helps with speeding things up for you,



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