Sunday, 22 November 2015

EBay 15 Eye Shadow Warm Palette [Review]

You know how sometimes you're on the hunt for a particular shade of shadow, and you can't find it anywhere? Well, I'd been looking for the perfect warm, reddish shade and after searching high and low for one to no avail, I ended up on Ebay [all of those who are addicted to Ebay please raise your hand ... My name is Lorraine and I am addicted to Ebay, oh well]

The shade which I'm talking about is the one slap bang in the middle of the palette. All the other shadows in the palette came as a bonus, especially since the whole palette costs more than one 'normal' branded eyeshadow.

I got mine from this link HERE and it costs just €2.96 / $3.15 including shipping. 

It took about 3 weeks to arrive, and it was packaged well - nothing was broken, phew!

As mentioned in the title, you get 15 matte shadows. Even though it states that it is warm, there are some shades which are more cool toned.

Pigmentation is also quite good, and all shadows are easily picked up both with a flat shadow brush or a fluffy one. However, some of them are a tad powdery.

They are blended rather easily too. 

Staying power is also decent, however it is always advisable to use a primer [even if it's just normal concealer]

Get this palette if you're still experimenting, if you're on the lookout for an extremely cheap matte palette with decent pigmentation, or if you're a teenager.




  1. The shades are okay. The pigment can do better but the price is pretty cheap :)

  2. I share the exact same thoughts... I have been looking for such a similar shade (slightly warmer but wouldn't mind this one too) and the quality of the palette considering the price is amazing... definitely will check this one out.. And yes, I am addicted to ebay too :)

    1. Let me know if you get it! Or if you find the shade that you're looking for :)


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