Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The BeautyBay.com Blind Folded Make-Up Challenge

Dear readers,

Earlier this week, another local beauty blogger (Marija from Pocalocca) and I entered a contest by Beautybay.com, whereby we had to film a short clip of us doing each other's makeup - blind folded.

This is the outcome:

We look gorgeous, eh? ha ha ha

We would really appreciate it if you guys voted for us (and watched the video too!) by visiting the BeautyBay facebook page here (our entry is uploaded by Marija Debattista).

The contest will end 07/04

Many thanks and hugs!



  1. hahaha, me and my best friend also did this and we filmed it, but unfortunately I lost the video. But it's so fun that we will definitely do it again :)

    1. it is really funny, I enjoyed myself a lot! you should redo it :D xx


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