Tuesday, 2 April 2013

[Tutorial] Kelly Rowland 'Kisses Down Low' Inspired Makeup

Dear readers,

Have you seen the new music video to Kelly Rowland's 'Kisses Down Low'? If not, check it out below:

In the video, Ms Rowland sports several different looks, and  it is no wonder that some of her make up looks were recreated by a number of beauty gurus / bloggers.

The look that I prefer is when she is wearing the striped top, as seen here:

Now this is what I made out of it:

Just for the sake of it, I went for a bolder, pinker mouth ^.^

I started with primed eyelids, and used a normal white eyepencil to create a base for the shadows.

Then add yellow to the inner corner up to half the lid, and add green to the rest of they eye. Make sure you blend really well. I also added white to the inner corners and used an eyeshadow which matches my skin tone to blend the eyeshadow thoroughly.

Add bright blue eyeshadow along your bottom lash line (or blue eyeliner if you have it - but don't forget to seal it with a similar colour eyeshadow for staying power).

Apply some white eyeliner on your water line, and black liner to the top lashes.

Then put mascara. You can also put on some false lashes but I didn't feel like it >.<

The eyeshadow palette I used:

I'm not going to list the items I used: if you have a query about which colour/brand etc I used, just leave a comment below ;)




  1. wow so nice colors, love it!

    1. perfect for the warmer months :) Thanks Megan <3

  2. I wish you showed your entire face :) Lovely!

    1. my hair was a mess that's why I didn't show my whole face hihi. thanks swty


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