Monday, 1 April 2013

Pupa Milano 50s Dream Miss Pupa Lipstick in '105' [First Impression]

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I don't know if all of you are familiar with Pupa Milano, but they have just launched a new limited edition collection which is called 50s Dream (you can check it out on their website here.)

The collection consists of eyeshadows (Euro 12.50), eyeliners (Euro 10.90), lipsticks (Euro 10.50), a highlighter (Euro 14.75) and nail polishes, which all come in gorgeous pastel, Spring shades.

Today's review features one of the Miss Pupa lipsticks: mine is in shade '105', but there are 3 more shades in this collection, ranging from the lighter shade (like mine) to the more pink shades.

The lipstick comes in a pearly silver tube with a standard twist up mechanism. Moreover, the tube snaps shut and so you won't be risking that it will come undone, especially if you carry this in your handbag.

Shade 105 is a really light, apricot colour which is perfect for daytime wear. It is also really glossy and feels like a lipbalm. Since this colour is really light it can even be worn by teenagers who want to start experimenting with makeup without looking over the top.

It is also really moisturising, but you do need to apply lip balm before the lipstick if you have really dry, chapped lips like mine or else the dryness will show through the colour. Having said that, this really glides on smoothly on the lips.

Even though the colour is really light, it can be buildable too, but I really like the natural colour that this shade has.

Even though it is really glossy, I find that it is not sticky at all. The problem with glossy products is that you do need to re-apply them often - with this one I had to re-apply after about 2 -3 hours of wear (but I did eat/drink too)

Attn to the Maltese: The 50s Dream collection can be bought from selected pharmacies/shops around Malta and Gozo.

Have you ever tried any products by Pupa Milano?



***Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Pupa Milano for review purposes. I was not paid to do this review. What I wrote in the review is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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  1. I haven't ever tried these products, but I like the look of this xx


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