Sunday, 11 August 2013

Cuticle Tattoos [Trends]

Dear readers,

We have seen the caviar, leather, fluffy, feathers, studs, holographic,wraps et all nail art - but guess what?! Another type of nail art has been officially launched - and these are Cuticle Tattoos.

I first saw these on Michelle Phan's blog about 2 weeks or so ago. If I'm not mistaken these 'cuticle tattoos' were invented by Rad Nails - check out their website *here*.

The cuticle tattoos come in 4 different styles and cost $6 dollars per sheet - to apply you only use water - so they are much like transfers - and obviously they are temporary.

The 'tattoos' can be used on the cuticle to compliment your nail art, or inverted and stuck on your own nail.

As a nail tech I am very much intrigued by these - but alas! they are all so sold out on their website - but I've no doubt that there will be loadssss of imitations on the market.

image via Rad Nails

image via Rad Nails

So what do you think of this new nail trend? Would you rock them yourself? I defo would!



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