Saturday, 3 August 2013

Wjcon Pencil Brush [Review]

Dear readers,

When it comes to painting, it's useless having the colours if you do not have the supporting products - such as good brushes. This goes for makeup too.

...and [in my opinion] one of the most essential brushes to have is the pencil-style brush.

This brush is used to precisely apply colour in your crease [especially darker colours - then blending everything with a fluffy brush] and under you lower lash line.

The one I am using at the moment is by Wjcon Make Up - a very affordable Italian brand which can also be found in Birkirkara in Malta.

The brush has a white handle and synthetic bristles. and it cost me somewhere between Euro 7 / 8.

I've had it for about 6 months now and it hasn't shed any bristles at all.

You can also use the brush to apply concealer on small areas - such as on spots and other imperfections.

The only downside that I can think of is that the labeling is all in Italian - so you must ask the sales representatives to translate for you - which they will do gladly because they are all so very friendly and helpful.



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  1. Can you buy it online? It sounds great! I just got my first set of proper eye make-up brushes from goss make-up artist blog sale!

    To find a brush so cheap is great! I love for you to check out my blog I have just posted a holy grail make up haul.

    Hazel x


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