Friday, 18 April 2014

Milani Baked Blush in 'Corallina' [Review]

Dear readers,

These Baked Blushes by Milani have been raved about [and still continue to be] by a horde of beauty bloggers and you tubers. If you have never heard about them, then you definitely should continue to read this post.

I got mine from Cherry Culture when they had a real good sale [40% off the entire website I believe].

They cost $8 a pop [sans delivery charges].

I chose Corallina because I wanted, as the name implies, a coral-y shade for spring/summer. 

These baked blushes come in golden, plastic packaging. You get the blush on top, and you also get a bottom compartment which stores a handy mirror and brush. 

The packaging does feel a bit cheap [although it does not look like it], but hey, it is an $8 blush we're talking about - and if the product is good, then I don't really mind.

'Corallina' has a marbled effect [due to the baking I guess] and as mentioned, it is a coral shade but with quite a large number of shimmer in it.

When I first swatched this, I went all mehhhhhhh because I don't like shimmery glittery face products. 

But that was easily sorted. More about that later.

It is very nicely pigmented and you need a light hand when applying this.

To get rid of the pesky shimmer in it, I apply normally with a blush brush, but then use a stippling brush to go over it.

This has excellent staying power - more that I would have thought possible in a blush. This stays on for the best part of the day [and even more than that if I layer a cream blusher underneath].

Can't rave enough about this, go and get it for yourself. I know I will definitely get more shades from the range.




  1. I love these milani baked blushes. They're very pretty and subtle

    1. Yes I agree! I really need to get more shades [but deciding which shades is a struggle haha]

  2. This looks stunning but I would also probably be on the defence about the glitters. Nice to know that you managed to sort it out :)

    1. I wouldn't really mind the glitters for night time, but I prefer it matte looking for work etc :)


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