Saturday, 19 April 2014

Essence Nail Art Tattoo Pen [Review]

Dear readers,

I love nail art. But I always have no designs on my own nails. Go figure.

Most probably it's because I'm a professional nail technician and after I'm done doing all sorts of designs on my clients, the last thing I want it to spend ages doing my own to then scratch them while filing clients' nails. 

I was first introduced to nail pens by my friend Jo who for Christmas [about 2 years ago now I guess] gave me a set of Sally Hansen nail pens [check out my review]

So anyway, about a month ago I had a look through the back to back Essence stand at a local shop and one of the things that I got was this Essence Nail Art Tattoo Pen which if I remember correctly was real cheap.

To my knowledge it only comes in 1 shade - black. More colours would be nice but I guess black is fine too since it is the most used shade when it comes to nail art.

It comes in 'felt tip' style packaging and works exactly like a felt tip marker would. 

To use, you just push on the tip until the ink flows through - then before each use you just shake well.

I always store it upside down [same as I store pen eye liners]

*sorry for the out of focus picture*

This pen is really easy to use. And so so so so helpful! This has made my life so much easier - especially when it comes to drawing tiny teeny designs [plus it saves me a lotttt of time]

I have used this pen both on regular nail polish and on gel polish [if you scroll to the bottom you can see 2 examples I did today on clients].

If you use on regular polish it is extremely important that you wait until the polish is completely dry or else it won't work as well and will look rather messy [been there, done that - oh impatient me]

I have also tried using both regular top coat and gel top coat and it does not smudge at all - I must stay that this pen dries to the touch almost immediately. 

So the below pictures are all hand drawn by me using this Essence Pen.

I really need to buy back ups of this pen - and if you are a nail art fan then I suggest that you get one too.




  1. I'm def buying this :) Thanks for the recommendation !

  2. WOW!!!! The detail you put on nail art with this pen is amazing..... i liked the dream catcher one it is sooo beautiful... :)

  3. Glad you liked the tips....thanks for sharing.
    This’s my blog
    Xam hinh nghe thuat hang dau viet nam


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