Sunday, 18 May 2014

Makeup Revolution Cream Blusher in 'Rose Cream' [First Impressions | Review]

Blushers are one of my main makeup weaknesses - just like lipsticks and mascaras [and foundations ...] I really can't say no and I tend to hoard loads of them.

So when I placed an order with Makeup Revolution, I was set upon testing out their blushers. I prefer cream blushers [although I do sometimes set them with a matching powder version].

I did buy one cream, one normal and one baked blusher.

But this review is about their Cream Blusher in the shade Rose Cream.

This cost me just £1.50 [exc. shipping] and you can get yours from HERE.

If I'm not mistaken, there are just 4 shades from the cream line. [and 6 different shades for both the baked and powder versions]

The one I got is in the shade 'Rose Cream'

As you can tell, it comes in a hinged, plastic container and you get 3.4grm worth of product.

I haven't had any problems for now with the packaging but it does feel a bit flimsy, but for the price I bought it for, who's complaining? 

The shade I have is, like the name implies, a rose coloured one [a colour which I'm loving at the moment] and I do think it goes really well with my yellow undertoned, olive skin.

It is very well pigmented and you do have to use a light hand with this, although it does blend effortlessly well.

You can use both a blush brush or your fingers for a flush of colour.

This does last surprisingly well - more so than I expected [or more so than I expected a £1.50 cream blusher to last]. After about 4 hours it starts to fade though [especially if you have oily skin like moi and you do not set it with some sort of powder], but you can easily pop this in your purse and touch it up during the day.

Have you tried anything worth recommending by Makeup Revolution? Do tell!




  1. It's a really nice color and really pigmented :)

  2. Haven't tried MakeUp Revolution yet, Im dying to make an order and have been resisting for quite some time! This looks so pretty and I also am in love with their palettes and lip products!

    Blush is your weakness, as is lipstick, foundation, mascara..... you meant make up right? :p xxxx
    dav xx


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