Sunday, 4 May 2014

Makeup Revolution Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner [First Impressions | Review]

Dear readers,

Today I present you with my first initial impression / review from a relatively new [launched in 2014] UK based company called Makeup Revolution.

They offer really affordable makeup products [and they stock some wacky colours too!]

This Makeup Revolution Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner was the first thing that I tried out from this brand. 

It costs all of £1.50 [exc. shipping] and you can get yours from HERE.

It comes in just 1 shade - black [and it also comes in a non waterproof version, but hey, why would I want to get that when I could have better?]

The packaging is standard - black and plastic with a brush which is quite on the sturdy side - not really bendable but not soft. To me it feels similar to those sponge-y felt pen liners.

I like the applicator because you can easily draw thin or thicker lines [depending on how hard you press on the brush] and they turn out really precise. 

And unlike other liquid eyeliners, this does not have one of those 'balls' inside.

Once dry, the liner turns out slightly on the mattish side [which I prefer]. It dries really quickly too.

Once applied, this does not budge or smudge. It won't even smudge on my uber oily eyelids!

It also lasts a loongggg time even when you apply this without any sort of base underneath.

the liner was not completely dry when I took this photo

I wanted to show you how it performs with the 'waterproof' claim.

So below you can see 2 photos;

The first pic is taken after I let water run straight from the tap on my wrist for about 1 minute.
The second pic is taken after I had vigorously rubbed the eyeliner with my fingers for another minute.

I'm very happy to say that it passes the waterproof test with flying colours. 

The smudging in the second photo is only because the liner hadn't completely dried in that top bit [the bit were there was the 'bulk' of the product when I applied it].

My conclusion: Excellent product - I have already placed another order with Makeup Revolution [just yesterday, hope they're dispatched quickly!] and bought a backup for this eyeliner. 

Have you placed an order with Makeup Revolution yet? Do tell!




  1. Wow! That is really black! Too bad this brand is not available in the US. :( But great review! XD

  2. SO GETTING IT ! Thanks Lorraine !

    1. you won't be disappointed [i hope at least lol]
      you're welcome love

  3. Just had to read a review before I purchased this! For £1.50 you definitely cannot go wrong! What is it like when it comes to washing it off at the end of the day? x

    1. It comes off super easily, I always use normal soap or a facial cleanser


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