Thursday, 1 May 2014

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation [Review]

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Now on to the review.

I've nearly run out of my Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation but in the mousse version [check out my review HERE - that is, the one in the white/purple packaging] which I definitely love, so I thought about getting the older formula/version - which is the Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation [Up to 12 Hours Natural Shine Control]

But do I love it as much as I love it's mousse-y sister? Read on!

As you can see, this foundation comes in plastic, squeeze-y packaging. It claims to be talc free, paraben free, oil free and fragrance free.

It also claims that it gives you 'up to 12 hours of non oily wear'.

Now I think that Rimmel were a bit cheeky with the 'up to' statement - because this can vary from 1 hour up to 12 hours.

Unlike the mousse version - this has a 'normal' foundation formula, not dense but definitely not as runny as some other foundations. 

I got mine in the same shade as the mousse one - but to me this seems a tad darker [check out swatches of the mousse version HERE]

This applies without any streaks - and you can easily slather this on with your hands, or you can also blend it in with a brush.

It does not dry totally matte [more of a dewy finish if you ask me].

 It has light to near medium coverage which is quite buildable but I always just use one layer.

To me this looks like a BB cream dressed up as a foundation. 

I do have to use a face primer under this for it to last more than a couple of hours, which is quite sad as I had higher expectations.

At the moment I am mixing this with the Essence Mousse Foundation [my review HERE] so that I can use it up.

Have you ever used this foundation? Thoughts?




  1. I personally HATE this foundation. I bought it and within a couple of months of buying it, it started changing colour as soon as you apply it AND the foundation seemed to be gathering to certain spots in my face. Just ugh no. Hate D:

    1. It hasn't started changing colour on me yet but as I said, I do mix it with the Essence foundation just because I'm trying to use it up. Have you tried the mousse one? It is nothing like this one!


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