Thursday, 19 June 2014

Anatomicals Grease Isn't The Word (Tell Me More, Tell Me More) Mattifying Face Mask [Review]

Quite a while ago now I placed an order with Anatomicals Malta [and yes, I really really need to place a second order now since I've run out of my beloved Zip Zapper and Moisturiser], and I was very pleased to see that the persons behind Anatomicals [yes, you!] had slipped a couple of extra stuff with my order.

I got 2 masks [the chocolate one which I've reviewed HERE] and the Grease Isn't The Word (Tell Me More, Tell Me More] Mattifying Face Mask.

You can get yours by following this link HERE [takes you to the Anatomicals website]

To use, you just slather on dry, clean skin, leave for 10-15 minutes to dry, then you just remove it with a soft  face cloth. 

The first time I tried an Anatomicals mask I squeezed all the contents on my face - after which I realised that in a pouch like this you get quite a generous amount of product - there's enough for 2 applications. 

I really was intrigued by this mask since I have an oily face - and I really wanted to see whether this would help dry my face out a tad bit.

I applied this after I had cleaned my face with a cleanser, and I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome - since even though this mask does give you a squeeky clean feel, it does not dry out your skin at all [and it has a light blue colour!]

I used this before I applied my makeup for a wedding I was invited to, and my makeup went on flawlessly.

don't take notice of my crazy eyebrows haha :)

Would you recommend any other face masks?



 ***Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Anatomicals Malta for review purposes. I was not paid to do this review. What I wrote in the review is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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