Saturday, 7 June 2014

Tony Moly Face Mix Cover Pot Concealer in #01 Light Beige [Review]

A while back I finished my beloved Tony Moly Baby Doll Concealer [my review HERE] and I decided to get the Face Mix Cover Pot Concealer  instead because I love to try out new concealers.

It is super affordable - I got mine from this seller HERE.

This concealer forms part of the Face Mix line - it includes primers, foundations, concealers and even a lip primer! I really must get my hands on a couple of other products from this line. 

Like the Baby Doll version, this comes in just 2 shades: #01 Light Beige and #02 Natural Beige.

I got the lightest shade because I love a really light and bright under eye area, especially with smokey or darker eyes.

This concealer is super, but SUPER creamy and pigmented! It also banishes pesky under eye dark circles in a matter of seconds [I only use this concealer for my dark circles though, not for any other imperfections like pimples etc because I use a different concealer for that].

They claim that it has Lotus Water in it - so maybe that's why it feels so creamy.

... so creamy that it does need setting.

It does last quite a good number of hours.

In fact it really is similar to the Baby Doll concealer on all fronts. 



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