Thursday, 26 June 2014

Anatomicals Never Lose Your Cherry Lip Balm [Review]

Me and lip balms, lip balm and I.

I buy so many [and lose so many], but I can't help resisting their sweet siren's song.

The Anatomicals Never Lose Your Cherry Lip Balm is one which I use every morning.

Why do I like it so much? Keep reading!

Apart from having the cutest names and tag lines, all Anatomicals products are pocket friendly. 

This lip balm costs €3.50 and you can get yours from their website HERE.

Unlike the usual lip balms which come in a 'lipstick' type applicator, this one comes in a squeezy tube.

Since this has Spf 8 it is perfect for slathering it on while you're at the beach - sunburnt, dry lips are surely a big no-no.

This lip balm, as the name implies, has a Cherry scent and flavour which is not too overpowering, and that I really like.

It is slightly tinted, but I don't think that it shows so well on my lips. 

What I know is that this goes on like nectar on my chapped lips - especially in the mornings. Plus, it leaves them looking glossy and healthy [without the sticky feeling that glosses tend to have].

The problem is that, since this is a glossy product, it tends to fade away quickly [and if, you're like me and you're constantly nibbling on your bottom lip. then it will fade even quicker].

But hey! any excuse to re-apply.

Since this Anatomicals lip balm is so glossy, I tend to use it on its own [so before I apply lipstick I usually use the waxy type lip balms because they are less messy to wipe off]

Hope you find this uselful.



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