Thursday, 17 July 2014

Nail Piercings?! [Review | Nail Art]

When I was in my early teens, I remember how I always tried to pierce my natural nails with a compass tool, and then put a nose piercing in. Naturally, my natural nails always chipped and broke, since they're really thin and weak.

Fast forward to about 10 years ago, when I first started getting nail extensions. Back then I really wanted a nail ring, so the first time I got them done, I chose to get one.

Now that I am a nail technician myself, I've been thinking about getting me some, with the hopes that someone will love nail rings just as much as I did.

And hey presto, the sweet Nicole allowed me to pierce hers today.

I got my nail rings from Born Pretty Store, and they have loads of different ones. Mine are the 3mm silver nail dangles, which cost $5.28* including shipping - which is free. It came with a handy tiny hand drill.

You can get yours by clicking HERE, and of course use the discount code AIB10 to get 10% off at checkout.

Now it is best to use these on nail extensions, unless you have really, but really, strong natural nails which you feel confident enough to pierce.

To pierce, place your nail tip on top of a soft, cushy surface [I used a soft nail buffer here], and slowly rotate the hand drill until the nail is pierced. 

You then open the nail dangle / ring with small pliers or a cuticle nipper, slowly insert it in the hole, and re-close it tightly with the nipper/pliers.

It's such a cute addition to your manicure, without needing nail art!

What do you think, would you get them?



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