Saturday, 26 July 2014

L'Oreal Mega Volume Miss Manga Mascara [Review]

You all know why I wanted to try this L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara right? Not because everyone is hyped up about it. Or because I've read so many mixed reviews. 

It was because of the name. Miss Manga.

I adoreeee manga and anime. So yep, I had to get it.

At the time I bought this it was not yet available in Malta [dunno if it's available now, though] so I got mine off Feel Unique - get yours HERE  and yeah - they have free worldwide shipping!

So it has standard packaging but it's pink and black.

The most important feature of this mascara is the wand [which you can see if you scroll down]. 

The 360 degrees flexible wand allows you to reach all your eyelashes. 

At first it was pretty weird using this, since the wand kept wobbling around, but you get used to this immediately. 

The wand is cone shaped - slightly tapered, so there is no risk of smudging when you try to coat even the tiniest, or your bottom lashes.

The bristles are made out of fibre and are really soft.

It also collects just enough mascara on it - so you do not get that wet lash feeling, or any blobs, either.

It is a very dark black colour [but it comes in a couple of other shades]. 

This does give a clumpy effect if you are not careful or if you use too many coats. For me, if I try to apply more than 2 I find that it clumps up. 

Usually though I apply just the 1 coat [it is that amazing, yes], and 2 coats if I'm wearing heavy eye makeup and I want the  false lash effect but without using any false lashes.

This dries almost immediately once applied [thanks goodness because I really have a habit of sneezing once I apply mascara] and it does not smudge - at all.

It is also easily removed with some baby wipes or cleanser.

with one coat of mascara

I cannot rave enough about this mascara. Seriously. I need to get myself a backup!




  1. I have this, yet to try it, but having read your review, I cannot wait x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. and I cannot wait to see what you think of it x


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