Saturday, 9 August 2014

Pupa Milano Viva Carioca Vamp! Duo Compact Eyeshadow Palette in #003 [Limited Edition | Review]

The inspiration behind this limited edition line by Pupa Milano is, as the name implies, gorgeous Brazilian women [of course Carioca is used to refer to people coming from Rio de Janeiro]

With last month's fuss around the World Cup, Pupa Milano were, as usual, bang on time and trend.

Among the items in the Viva Carioca collection is this Vamp! Duo Eyeshadow compact, which comes in 4 different colour combinations and retails for €12.25*.

The compact has a gold metal case which has a mirrored effect. It also comes with a double ended brush [not pictured].

You also get a good sized mirror, and I'm happy to say that the compact shuts with a very satisfying click, meaning that you can safely carry this around your bag without the risk of any breakages or spillages.

The Vamp! Eyeshadows in this palette [#003] are, as you can see above, a matte blue and a shimmering green, which go super well together. 

They are both buttery smooth, and have a good pigment, although I did find that the blue one is more pigmented than his green neighbour, perhaps because it is matte while the other is not. This though is easily solved by layering on the colour for a brighter look.

They are easily blendable, and stay on for absolute ages. I was happy to see that these did not need any primer because once applied, they do not crease or budge.

Of course, if you're too scared to use these as an eyeshadow, you could always use them as an eyeliner, or to set pencil liners for a brighter, bolder look.

Check out the full Viva Carioca range by following the official Pupa Milano in Malta facebook page by through this link HERE for futher updates and pictures:

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