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My Current Favourite Skin Care Products [Skin Care | Beauty | Top Picks]

Happy Sunday dolls!

I really would like to start posting more tips and stuff rather than just reviews, and I thought I'd start with my current skin care regimen. Let me know if you find this post of interest!

First I though of sharing with you that up to my early twenties, I really didn't give two hoots about my skin. I slept with my makeup on [still do that sometimes] and washed my face with just soap [the normal kind]. I sometimes used Simple products, and once I got me some Nivea ones too - but I always managed to use them for a week, and then get bored with them, and I inevitably stopped using them.

Fast forward to a couple of years. My love for skin care started with my love for cute beauty products. The cuter the packaging, the greater my obsession and love became.

Apart from wanting to try out cute products, I always want to get my hands on different ones. So next month's list will not necessarily be the same as this one, although I swear that I've repurchased a couple of items from this list. 

Anyway, enough of the rambling.

Starting with face wash - I tend to use the Beauty Bar by Dove [which I haven't pictured here] I love the smell, and it works really well at removing makeup too! Plus, it is super cheap and it is [if I'm not mistaken] available worldwide.

I also like to use the Anatomicals The Hottie Tottie is Never Spotty Face Wash. It is very mild - plus if I'm not mistaken there is a warning to not use this on your eyes - but hey! I'm a rebel like that. Since it is very mild it does not remove stubborn makeup but it leaves your face feeling very soft and not at all dry.

As a face mask, I like to use a couple. Pictured here is the one by Beauty Formulas called Rejuvenating Glorious Mud Face Mask. This is also budget friendly and works really well. I like to use this one every week, and especially before special occasions since this gives my skin that taut feeling which I love. It also leaves your face looking quite red at first, so don't be alarmed.

The Anatomicals Hottie Tottie Moisturiser is what I've been using for the past 9 months or so - guess I really love it! I've also posted a review for this - click HERE to read it for more info.

One of the latest to join my skin care brigade is this Panda's Dream So Cool Eye Stick by the Korean brand Tony Moly. I usually pop this cooling stick in the fridge before I use this on my under eyes. This works a treat especially when I have tired, puffy eyes. 

I also love this Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub, because I get really dry lips and usually prep them with this scrub when I'm using lipstick. You can click HERE for my full review on that.

I also like to use a scrub every couple of days. I love this one by Good Things - the Manuka Honey Refining Scrub. I also had the matching facial wash but I've run out of that one. This scrub smells super duper yummy and it not really abrasive - plus it leaves your skin feeling soft and invigorated- and most importantly - clean. 

The last 2 products are the new comers and were gifted to me by my brother and sister in law. The first one is this A'Pieu Real Recipe Sleeping Mask in Cucumber. This has a really strange consistency - kind of like jellied watered down cucumbers, You can use it as a quick mask, or you can leave it overnight and then wash it in the morning. I usually prefer the latter.

I also love this Tony Moly Egg Pore Blackhead Out Oil Gel. And yes, you've guessed it - Tony Moly is one of my favourite Korean brands - both for makeup and skincare! This is one product out of a 3 part system which help clear out your blackheads. I will be posting an in depth review of this in the coming days - so keep posted for that.

As I've mentioned earlier, I also love to use a variety of face masks. I've used a couple by Anatomicals before - check out my reviews for those by clicking HERE and HERE. But my most favourite ones to use are undoubtedly by Korean brands [pictured on the back] especially since they normally come in a sort of 'cloth mask' which you just place on your face and therefore you don't have to apply the mask yourself - saving time.

And that's it for my current skin care loves! Let me know if you would like me to review anything from the list :) Plus DO tell me which is your holy grail skin care product!

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  1. AWESOME POST HUN! Must get that glorious mud mask !

  2. Fantastic post - the Anatomicals face wash looks really interesting and I LOVE the Tony Moly Blackhead Oil Out Gel.

    1. Thank you! Mmm I love it, and now I want to try the rest of the Tony Moly blackhead line.

  3. Bought the Tonymoly Egg Pore Blackhead Out Oil Gel yesterday! Can't wait to try it x

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