Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Anatomicals Headache and Sleep Relief Balmy Duo [Review]

Who doesn't hate that throbbing feeling?

I decided to get the Anatomicals headache relief balm after I've read so many positive reviews. I then saw that they had this duo pack available - where you get;

Cruisin' For a Snoozin' Sleep Balm
Oi! You Throbhead

The fact that my boyfriend really has trouble sleeping is what made me get this pack.

It costs €10.50 and you can get yours from the Anatomicals website HERE. They are based in Malta but they also ship worldwide [if I'm not mistaken].

You can also get these balms in singles - for some reason the singles cost €5 each, so by buying the duo pack you would be paying a bit more [don't ask me why - and I don't remember if  the singles were more expensive when I got mine. I do think that when buying a duo or multipack you should save money, not spend more, but anyway]

Starting from the Oi! You Throbhead headache balm ...

This I find to be a very good product. It is very minty, i.e. offers a very nice, cooling effect. While I find that this does not clear a strong headache altogether, it does soothe, especially when you have the start of a headache [and you feel like you need a nap but your headache won't let you rest]

To use you just rub on your temples and let it sink it.

I find that it goes really well with the Anatomicals Cruisin' For a Snoozin' balm. The main ingredient in this balm is, of course, lavender, which is a great sleep aid. Together with rosemary, it promotes sleep. My boyfriend tried using this, and it did not work for him [that's what he says, anyway, because I always end up drifting off before he does]

I, on the other hand, find that this helps me drift off nicely - although my boyfriend did say that I end up talking in my sleep when I use this balm. 

i.e I don't think that this balm will work on everyone.

To use, you massage it in your temples and other pulse points.

Hope this review helps!



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