Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Nail Art For Dummies | The Easiest Way to Draw Nail Art [S.O.S | Nails | DIY]

Do you love nail art but can't draw on your own nails? 

Can you easily draw on one hand, but have problems drawing on your non-dominant one?


Then read on!!

You will need:

A top coat [preferably a fast drying one]
A plastic folder, or any piece of plastic
Dotting tools
Paint brushes
... and of course, nail polish!

To start with, apply one layer of thin topcoat on the plastic folder. Here I used the Sally Hansen nail hardener which works too - but since it is gloopier it takes more time to dry. A fast drying topcoat works much better.

Allow to dry completely!

Draw out whatever design you little heart desires. Here I did a quick Cath Kidston / vintage flower design.

Allow to dry completely! This is very important. So be patient!

[Tip] I never clean my paint brushes after I use them, this helps the bristles stay pointy when I store them!

Taking your tweezers, carefully peel the topcoat / design from the plastic sheet.

If you're careful enough, you can also trim the edges with small manicure scissors [sorry for the slightly blurred photo]

Then stick it on your desired nail! You can just layer it on without any nail polish or glue, but make sure that you seal it with a top coat.

And there you go! Easy, peasy beautiful nail art in minutes. 

This method is especially handy when you are able to paint with your dominant hand, but find trouble repeating the design with your other hand.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and DO let me know if you have :3

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  1. Seriously brilliant!!! Thank you for sharing and I'll for sure be trying this out. :)

    1. Thanks :D please do let me know if you try it out

  2. This is an amazing idea - thanks so, so much for sharing it!!!

    1. glad you enjoyed the post, and you're welcome <3


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