Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Born Pretty Store Arabesque Nail Art Stamping Plate [Review | Nail Art Design Ideas]

A while back I uploaded the above photo [of my nails, no less] on We Heart It [follow my account by clicking HERE] where it received nearly 500 likes [or hearts]. 

This design seemed to be a hit, so I decided to share my secret with you and tell you how to achieve this manicure in 1 simple step by using a nail stamp.

A one of a kind nail stamp that is, from Born Pretty Store

The good thing is that this costs just $2.99* [inc free world wide shipping] and you can also use the code AIB10 at checkout for a further 10% discount. 

Ah btw! The midi rings that I am wearing in the above picture are also from Born Pretty Store and you can get them by clicking HERE. They cost $2.18* for both and same rules as above apply.

As you can see from above, the nail plate comes in a protective, blue sticky layer. Of course, you need to peel it off in order to use it. 

What made me get this nail plate is the fact that it has a whole design engraved in it, unlike the usual ones which have a couple of designs.

This way, you can have different designs on all of your nails, while maintaining homogeneity. Plus, no nail will turn out the same.

Unlike 'cheap' stamping plates, this design is deeply engraved in the metal, so you'll find no problem with it. Of course, if you use stamping polish the result will be the best possible, but a normal 'thicker' polish will work just as well.

I thoroughly recommend this plate - especially if you a nail art beginner and would like intricate designs but you do not have steady hands or enough practice. 

I am head over heels in love with this design, and everybody complemented me on it <3

Below you'll find some more manicures that I did using this Born Pretty Plate;

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Hope you enjoyed this review and designs!

Until next time,

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