Saturday, 4 January 2014

Anatomicals 'The Hottie Tottie is Never Spotty: Pores and Phwoars! Shine Free Moisturiser' [Review]

Dear readers,

You know how packaging can sometimes make [or break] a product. So it is no wonder how easily I was lured to get some stuff from Anatomicals

If you've never heard about them, Anatomicals [now also available in Malta] is a budget friendly brand which specializes in body products - hence their tag line 'we only want you for your body'. Check out there Facebook page *here* for more info, updates and special offers.

They are cruelty and paraben free.

One of the things which I really wanted to try out was The Hottie Tottie is Never Spotty: Pores and Phwoars! Shine Free Moisturiser. It costs €6.50 and you can get yours from the Anatomicals website by clicking *here*

There are other products in the Hottie Tottie line: from a daily wash to a roll on pimp exterminator to a scrub.

The moisturiser comes in cute fuchsia packaging which is just adorable. You get 50ml of product - but the good thing is that you only need the tiniest amount ever to cover your whole face [if you scroll down you can see a photo of how much product I use]

The cream itself has a fruity/minty smell. Once applied it does not leave the tacky residue that some other moisturisers leave [ it is absorbed quickly into the skin] - instead, it leaves your face feeling slightly tingly due to the minty properties in it, and slightly matte. You do have to take care not to get it too close to your eyes though - the first time I used it I did and it left me in tears.

. This is perfect to use when priming your face for makeup and you will find yourself reaching out for this moisturiser on a daily basis, I promise!

 Let me know if you try it out!




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