Friday, 11 July 2014

What's On My iPhone | My Favourite Apps

Just thought that you would like to know what apps I have on my iPhone!

Pages: Easy access to my blog and nail pages.

Whatsapp / Snapchat: Free messaging - what more do you want?

Twitter / Facebook / Instagram: nothing out of the ordinary here 

PicFx: This one has loadsssss of filters. I believe this cost me no more than €2.00

Camera+: This app is my favourite out of all the photo editing apps. It is like a mini photoshop - you can lighten/darken/smoothen etc. This also has some frames and filters, too. I forgot how much this one cost me but I believe around the €2.00 mark.

SquareSize: This changes the size of normal photos to Instragram size - without the need to crop them.

ABM (A Beautiful Mess): This is the app which allows me to add cute shapes, frames and words on photos. This is not a free app but forgot how much this one cost.

                                                                 Repix: Allows me to add flares etc to photos

You Tube / Chrome / Gmail / Dropbox /Skype

My Fitness Pal: A handy calorie counter.

We Heart It: Love this app for cute pictures and cute ideas.

Frantic Mess: Similar to ABM, but free and with less options.

Blogger: Just in case I would like to post something on my blog from my phone.

Blog Lovin: To read my favourite blogs on the go.

Emoji Keyboard: For when I want to be extra girly.

Candy Crush / 2048 / Throne Rush: Do I have to explain myself? A girl needs games.

These are the apps which I don't really use, but I do sometimes.

The Simpsons - Tapped Out: Used to love this, but it drains my battery.

Bubble Island: For when I'm totally and utterly bored that not even Blog Lovin and You Tube can save me.

Pinterest / Cloud On

iTube: A nifty app similar to You Tube/iTunes, but lets you download songs which you can listen to even without an internet connection.

Any other apps which I should have? Let me know!



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  1. Thanks for this blog !! You have listed popular and best app for iPhone. But if you need to add some extra colors, effects and pixels then use spiffy photo editing app.


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