Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Rimmel Wonder'Full Mascara with Argan Oil [First Impressions | Review]

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that my pharmacist stocked the new Rimmel Wonder'Full mascara because 1) it has argan oil and 2) it is super cheap 3) it's always nice to test out new mascaras even though 9/10 times they disappoint. 

I think this one cost me around €7 to €8 and it comes in Bronze or Blue packaging [if I'm not mistaken the blue version is waterproof]

But do I like it? Read on!

First off I wanted to say that I love the Bronze-y packaging of this one. 

Secondly I was really intrigued by the Argan Oil part, but I thought hey! if it is good enough for my hair and for my skin, it should work wonderfully on my lashes.

As a matter of fact this does not harden up your lashes like some other mascaras do - in some weird sort of way they feel soft and bendable - actually I think it conditions my lashes. 

As you can see from the pictures, the wand is make from silicone and has short, spiky bristles. 

This mascara gives a fanned out effect to your lashes, which makes them very natural looking. In my opinion it is more of a lengthening mascara than a voluminising one. 

This has a clump free formula so if you're into a natural look, this mascara is definitely for you! Plus you can apply more than 1 coat without getting spidery lashes.

If I'm honest the first couple of times I used this Rimmel mascara I wasn't wowed, but after a couple of uses I always find that mascaras deliver better, perhaps because the formula dries up a little bit. 

Now I always use this for daytime or combined with my Miss Manga [review here] for a more dramatic look [I'm sorry I don't have any before|after photos - will try to get a clear one soon]

Which is your favourite mascara?



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