Friday, 28 November 2014

Catrice Cosmetics All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder [Review]

I was totally bummed when I was told that the Catrice Waterproof Prime & Fine Powder was discontinued [and now they have it back in stock - go figure!] so I decided to get this one instead [since it promised to be mattifying]: All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder.

It promises to be mattifying, longlasting and ultra silky - which is a lot of promising [especially since this cost no more than €5]

I just love Catrice's packaging and I've never had any problems with them breaking etc [but all the printing on the lid has faded, meh]. This powder is, as you can see, pressed and embossed - which is quite a nice touch.

Mine is in #010 Transparent - but it does have a nude-y shade [so I wouldn't call it exactly transparent since it might show up on darker skin tones than mine]

I have been using this for the past 2 months or so and I've hit pan, but I won't repurchase this powder - especially if I manage to get hold of their waterproof powder.

This is because while it does mattify my face, it does not last a long time - it might last 3 hours [or 4-5 if I set it with a good quality fixer]

It feels quite velvety and soft, and it is picked up really well with a large powder brush. It sets your foundation and doesn't give you a caked up look [but don't overuse!]

I use this powder daily for university [I've run out of my beloved NYX Set it Don't Fret it Powder - read my review HERE] since I don't really care about looking da bomb there lol. But if I'm going out I definitely use a different powder.

Which powders do you recommend?



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