Saturday, 19 December 2015

IMAGIC Flash Color Case Palette [EBAY | Review | Dupe]

A while back [I think it was around early October] Dyna [a local vlogger, check her out HERE] mentioned this IMAGIC Flash Color Palette in one of her Ebay Beauty Bargains, if I remember correctly. 

Of course, since I am an SFX makeup affecionada I just had to get this palette because 1) it looked like the MUF Flash Palette [which costs a whopping $99], and 2) I just couldn't resist owning a cream makeup palette.

I got this from HERE for around $16 including shipping.

It also comes in 2 other shades - a red/blue toned one which is also a MUF dupe [click HERE], or a concealer like one [check it out HERE]

So I just have to say that this IMAGIC palette is really really creamy and pigmented - no joke. When I first swatched this I just couldn't believe the amount of pigment that this has - even the silver and gold ones! What you see in the pan is truly what you get when swatched.

All the colours are easily picked up with a synthetic brush, and the colour payoff is amazing. They are super blendable as well - and they can be used in a multitude of ways:

1) You can use them on their own for normal facepainting
2) You can mix them with your foundation/concealer to get a custom shade
3) Use them for colour correction
4) Use them as an eyeshadow base
5) Use them as an eyeliner [but you would need to set them with an eyeshadow]
6) Use them as a lipstick
7) Use them as a blush

I believe that these are grease based paints, so you would need to set them with a powder in order for them not to slip and slide everywhere. However, they do last a long time - especially on the lips!

I truly think that if you are a makeup enthusiast, or you're just starting out as a Makeup artist, you should totally get this one.

Here is a bit of body painting [if I may call it that] which I did with this palette:

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  1. You sweetheart!! Thank you for the mention - this is such a gem! xx

    1. Of course I would mention you sweetie! Love your Ebay Beauty Bargains! xxx


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