Saturday, 19 December 2015

Revlon ColorStay Foundation for Combination / Oily Skin [Review]

Let me start by saying that this Revlon ColorStay Foundation was one of the first ever foundations I had tried in my youth. I can easily remember my frustration at a lack of pump [or my lack of foundation brushes back then]. 

Anyway when I ran out of my L'Oreal True Match I decided to get this one instead [they have approximately the same price point in Malta, guessing between €16/18 a pop] 

I was pleased to see that there are two variations to this foundation: normal/dry and combination/oily. Of course I went for the latter. It is also available in a wide range of shades [20, if I'm not mistaken]

I got this around September and I chose the shade True Beige. Big mistake. This shade is extremely pink toned. And I'm olive and so this does not work well on my skin. What was I thinking?! Although it does look different under harsh lighting as opposed to natural lighting. In order to use it all up I will have to surely mix it with a BB cream or with a lighter foundation. 

Unlike other foundations, this does have a scent - to me it smells like old compact powders. 

It also has a very fast setting time - do not, and I repeat do not, dot this all over your face and expect to blend it. You have to apply this a bit at a time if you don't want to end up with streaky, unblended foundation. It does feel a bit sticky at first, but settles in quite nicely.

It gives a nice semi-matte finish and has normal coverage [which can turn to full coverage if you apply more than 1 layer]. It does not give a caked out look.

It has a slightly thick, quite runny consistency. 

Re: the 24hr longevity promise - I say blehhhh. I have yet to find a foundation which lasts that long - and in all honesty, who the heck wears foundation for 24hrs straight? Although it does wear for about 6/8 hours.

My main problem with this Revlon ColorStay Foundation is that it turns my face really really oily! No amount of setting powder can keep the oil at bay. Boo. 

I really just can't get they hype over this foundation! I will never re-buy and god knows when I'll finish this bottle up.

Have you ever used this foundation? Thoughts?


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