Sunday, 28 September 2014

26 Facebook Stereotypes [Lifestyle | Random Stuffs]

I was feeling quite bored on this Sunday morning / afternoon, and after hours spent scrolling [and re-scrolling] my Facebook news feed I decided to dedicate a blog post to a couple of stereotypes which form part of my Facebook friends. 

I'm sure that you have a couple of these among your online friends.

This is meant as a humorous post - so please don't get offended [although I'm sure that by next week I will have less than 414 friends]

Here goes!

1) The Selfie Queen [or King]

This girl/woman/boy/man actually litters your wall with selfies - but not taken on different occasions mind you. All of them are all captured on the same day - so same outfit, makeup etc but with different poses. Can't decide on which photo to upload? Simple! Upload them all.

2) The Narcissist

This specimen 'likes' their own photos and their own status updates / posts.

3) The Born Again Vegeterian

Once a meat lover, this specimen wants us all to know that he/she no longer kills animals / eats meat. Most of the time they will upload photos of slaughtered animals to put us off our bacon. It's ok if you're vegetarian, just don't post it all over my wall. 

4) The Religious Being / Non Religious Being

As the name implies. this person likes to share posts related to religious stuff. Most of the time they will also share posts similar to 'Share this if you love Jesus, don't share it if you love Satan!' On the other hand the non-religious being loves to share funny or ironic posts which relate to religion. 

5) The Now You're in a Relationship, Now You're Not

This being changes their relationship status every single day. In a Relationship. Engaged. Single. And so forth.

6) The I'm Going to Remove my FB Profile

Yep, I've seen my fair share of these in my lifetime. They declare that they do not need Facebook, they delete it for a couple of days/weeks/months, but after a while you see them back on here again. There is no escape from this hell hole!

7) The Combined Profile

Oh yes. You know these - the ones who are in a relationship but choose to use only one profile between the two of them - often combining their names into one. Inevitably you will never know who you are talking to, which may result in fights/making a fool of yourselves.

8) The LOLer

This person only comments by using just one word - an acronym - and yes, you guessed it. It's LOL. Not. It's like a free pass - they use it to make fun, or to sympathise with you. 

9) The Instagrammer

Most of the time this person records every minute detail of his/her life on Instagram, and of course shares it on Facebook. They take pictures of their food [mostly], their drinks, chocolate, their purchases, etc. 

10) The Hashtagger

#selfie #igdaily #love #summer #nofilter
You get it. This person practically hashtags EVERYTHING. Some of them even take it to the next level and they #hashtag#like#this#because#thats#how#they#roll.

11) The Gamer

Sends you game requests ALL THE TIME. Even if you do tell them that you never play that game - or even if you never send them any requests back.

12) The Animal Lover

Post animal photos all day long. We get it, you love animals. We love them too. 

13) The Gullible

Share this post to win a free iPhone 6! Press like to win a Caribbean Cruise. No. It ain't happening honey.  

14) The Quiz Taker

Take this quiz to find out which movie star you are. Or which character you were in a past life. Bleh. It's ok to take these type of quizzes - just stop sharing them [or stop sharing so many of them]!

15) The Complainer

Complains about everything! The country, his/her life, the weather - anything ticks this person off.

16) The Change Your Profile Picture Every Day

Yep. And if you do not get enough likes or comments, change it again.

17) The Happy Family / Couple

These lovebirds always write on each others wall - 'Oh I love you! Thanks for being there for me' and 'You're the one for me' etc etc. Can't you just send these messages by pm or messenger? Get a room!

18) The Quoter

They share motivational quotes all day, everyday. Sometimes, they even use them to caption their profile pictures / photos.

19) The Tagger

This person [or pages dedicated to shops most likely] tag you in stuff/photos that you really don't care about. Stop doing it!

20) The I Can't Wait For Friday

Come Sunday, this person will start complaining for the week to be over. Does nobody here love their job?

21) The Liker

Similarly to the Loler, this person only communicates with you by 'liking' your updates or your photos. But rarely ever constructs a sentence.

22) The Video Sharer

Hey! I want to share with you that I'm listening to this song! How cool am I? I'm also listening to this, this and this. Seriously, is there a need to share your whole playlist on Facebook?

23) The Transformer

This is the guy who has a photo of a car as his profile picture.

24) The I Never Bother Talking to You, but Hey! I'm in this Competition and I Need Your Vote

Your mobile pings. You get a private message. It's from this girl or boy who you barely know, or barely talk to each other, but she/.he is taking part in a competition and she/he needs you to vote for her/him. Pretty please.

25) The Stalker

This person spends all day stalking persons, liking all their photos and status updates [old and new]. Sometimes they even stalk people who they're not even connected with. 

26) The Hey! I Have a Social Life

This woman/man loves to show us how popular / full their lives are. Going to the beach. Going to pv. Having cocktails. Boarding the plane. Going Shopping. Heeyyyyyyyy! I lead such a busy life.

As for me, I believe that I am a mix of several of those mentioned here.




  1. Guilty of #12 & #21!

  2. This post made my evening!♥ Its so funny too but you are so right Lola!~
    I have 5000 friends - Guilty ( ;´Д`) & I see every single one of these stereotypes everyday! I hate seeing the photos of animal slaughters on my homepage & the game invites (Gosh the game invites angeeer)
    I myself, am a little guilty of no.1 although I do not take selfies everyday in the same outfit/makeup - However, is there an emoticon stereotype? because thats me!

    I look forward to more just talk/random stuff in the future~~ (○´∀`○)

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post :3 and yes, I really hate the violent pictures that are sometimes shared :( It's ok to take a couple of selfies though :) I don't like it when they upload about 10 per day which all look kind of the same. Looking forward to writing more random stuff too <3


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