Monday, 29 September 2014

What Not To Do On a First Date [Random Stuffs]

Although I've been in a relationship for a couple of years now, I do wonder if the dating game has remained the same, especially when I see friends going on dates. I really really loathe dating [and please don't mention blind dates, eugh!]

So this afternoon my friend [who is single] and I decided to compile a list of dating do's and don'ts [but this post will be solely dedicated to the don'ts - which for some reason outweigh the do's] 

Do not talk about your ex
Do not talk about sex
Do not declare your undying love to your date
Do not reveal strange OCDs
Do not speak of your want of a relationship
Do not drink too much wine 
Do not get drunk
Do not fish for compliments
Do not cry
Find the balance between talking/listening
Do not talk about religion and politics
Do not text more than once to confirm date
Do not use your mobile phone
Do not wear slutty dresses / suits if you're male
Do not talk about illnesses 
Do not try and cuddle / canoodle 
No dirty jokes
Do not pig yourself with food 
Do not fidget
Do not check the time more than once
Do not be a smart arse
Do not complain 
Do not discuss family matters / personal stuff
Do not wear too much makeup
Do not play around with your food 
Do not order messy foods
Do not bring your kids with you
Do not cancel at the last minute
Do not flirt with other people

So that's the list that we came up with. Do you agree with us? Or anything else that you would add? Let me know!



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