Sunday, 14 September 2014

Brand Spotlight | Yves Rocher Malta

Today's post is about a very well known brand - Yves Rocher, which of course is renowned worldwide for its excellent products.

Although I'm sure that this brand does not need any introductions, I thought of dedicating a whole blog post about it since I will be reviewing a number of items by Yves Rocher, and therefore you can familiarise yourselves with the brand before I start posting my reviews.

First and foremost - Yves Rocher was founded in 1959 in France, by, you guessed it - Yves Rocher. 

A botanic by profession, he produced ointments and later cosmetics and started selling them by mail order from his family's attic. His products were received with great enthusiasm, and after three years of selling by mail order he opened his first store. Now the brand is available in more than 80 countries. 

The main ingredients in the majority of Yves Rocher products are plants. In fact, their belief is that just as plants are 'alive', so is our skin. Both plants and our skin adapt and are ever changing, making plants 100% ideal to use as skin care products. 

Therefore, according to the company, in order to 'protect it [our skin], repair it and stimulate it, it is best to offer it active botanical ingredients that are easily and naturally assimilated.'

The majority of the products are paraben free - and they are not tested on animals. 

They have also formed the Fondation Yves Rocher [check out their website by clicking *here*] where the goal behind the foundation is to plant 50 million trees by 2015.

The company  is also harvester, botanist, manufacturer and distributor all of its own products, making it a unique business model. This means that we can benefit from really affordable price tags.

It is no wonder that Yves Rocher is the Nr.1 favourite beauty brand in France, and 4th favourite world wide [the brand was assessed together with a staggering 600 other brands - which is no mean feat! coming 4th].

In Malta we are lucky enough to have 3 stores - in Sliema, Valletta and Paola. The Paola store also has a Beauty Spa, where they offer a number of services - from facials to body massages to waxing [and that includes also male waxing!] Prices starts from as little as €2 [my mum had her eyebrows and upper lip done and they did a really good job].

The range that is offered by this brand is incredible - perfumes, cosmetics, hair care, body care, and of course skin care. I will leave you to a couple of photos I took of the Paola store - and I will let the photos speak for themselves because the store is super cute and the packaging is to die for. 

Check out the Yves Rocher Malta Facebook Page by clicking HERE
You can also follow them via Twitter by clicking HERE.

Keep posted for upcoming Yves Rocher reviews!



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