Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Benefit Cosmetics Primping With The Stars Kit [Review]

Dear readers,

I've wanted to try out a couple of Benefit products - and so when I saw this Primping With The Stars kit back in the UK I thought I'd get this before committing to buy the standard sizes. 

Unfortunately in Malta we do not get Benefit [and websites like Feel Unique do stock them but cannot ship them to this country - booooo]

It retails for £26.50 from the Benefit Cosmetics website.

Benefit advertise this by saying how this is 'the all-time greatest fake-its' kit. Admittedly, this kit does have some of Benefit's best-seller items in it, some of which I'm obsessed with, other not so much.

The kit comes in a cute hardbound 'book' shape.

You also get 2 make-up  tricks cards showing you how to use the items.

You get 6 mini sized Benefit favourites;

Some Kind A Gorgeous 
Girl Meets Pearl 
The Porefessional
Stay Don't Stray
They're Real!

Some Kind A Gorgeous is a cream foundation which comes in this quirky 50s vibe packaging. The one in the kit is in shade medium which is quite a spot on match for my olive toned skin [but won't be suitable for the fair ladies]

It is really smooth and dries to a matte, powdery finish. It does feel a bit oily after some time so it's best if you set it with some powder.

It has light coverage but suitable to minimise / conceal redness.

Stay Don't Stray eyeshadow / concealer primer : comes with a doe foot applicator and looks like concealer but in fact it's a primer. 

This does the job awfully well - eyeshadows look vibrant and stay on for ages takes to this baby.

I use this every other weekend and it's one of my all time faves.

The Porefessional undoubtedly is one of Benefit's most well known product and I love love love this! I don't know what I'd do without it and I'll re-purchase this asap.

It is a silicone based primer and looks nude, but dries clear-ish. You only need the tiniest amount to cover problem areas [such as my nose, forehead and cheeks]. 

Doesn't really conceal open pores [although it does slightly minimise them] all that well but this stops my make-up from sliding off my face plus it also stops my face from turning into an oil rig.

Benetint is also one of my all time faves and this I use on a daily basis. 

It gives me a really healthy flush plus it stays on for ages [since it stains like mad].

You do have to be quick when applying / blending this out or you'll end up with patchy, red cheeks.

Girl Meets Pearl is a light highlighter which I've not used all that much - in fact this sits in the packaging to this day. 

I'm not really a fan of highlighters and I've got others which I'm using up at the moment.

They're Real! mascara is the biggest let-down ever! I've read and heard so many raves about this product but it does nothing for my lashes. 

It does lengthen them a bit but nothing that a £3 mascara wouldn't do. 

I know that others love it[cue in Davi from Lady with no name blog] but it is a huge meh for me.

Hope this helps!




  1. I think benefit products are quirky, modern and fun to use. I think the problem with sets though is that if you don't want all the items then there's no value in it. I like the look of the porefessional and primer for eyeshadow but my skin is very fair so the foundation wouldn't suit and I tend to suit corals and peaches on my cheeks not the benetint colour and sounds the mascara isn't up to much. Thanks for being honest in your review!


    1. Yes i agree with you. Its useless buying a kit if yourr not planning of getting the full use out of it. I cant understand why they put thinks like foundations in sets like these. It narrows down sales i think.

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  3. I am glad to see such amazing things at one place, how did you do this? I am still surprised.
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  4. I got this today unopened at my summer fair for £1 and had heard of this but not really thought it was in my price range but excited to try this- great post.

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