Friday, 7 March 2014

Kiko Make Up Milano Cosmic Light Eyeshadow Palette in #02 Utopian Wine [Review]

Dear readers,

My brother's mum in law gave me this Kiko Cosmic Light Palette in shade 02 Utopian Wine as a Christmas present - how very thoughtful of her - especially since I love makeup and Kiko is not available in Malta [although I do believe that they have introduced international shipping now].

I believe that this eyeshadow palette was 1 of 3 and it was a Christmas limited edition palette.

The packaging is white, and slightly holographic - which actually prepares you for what is inside the palette....

....this is because all 3 eyeshadows are baked and wonderfully shimmery.

You also get a double ended sponge applicator and a huge mirror inside.

You get a gold, rosy/peachy, and plumish trio of eyeshadows. All three can be used both wet and dry - obviously you get stronger colour payoff when used wet.

All 3 have good pigmentation, and swatch and apply beautifully.

As I said, all 3 are shimmery, but the golden one is a lot more powdery than the rest - it seems to have a sort of grittier consistency - which is mainly due to the large shimmery bits it has. You do have to be extra careful when applying this since it does leave fall-outs. Having said that, this colour is the one I use the most, especially on the inner eye corners.

They have good staying power but I do actually prefer to use some eyeshadow base with them, especially since they're shimmery.

The eyeshadows are swatched dry;

Have you ever anything from Kiko?




  1. This is beautiful, those shades are stunning x

  2. really beautiful shade.. nice review


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