Saturday, 29 March 2014

Real Techniques E-Bay Brush Set Dupes [First Impressions | Review]

Dear readers,

Online shopping is my weakness.

Shopping on e-bay is a whole other level. I'm addicted.

I really but really need to stop with the ebay browsing....

... but sometimes the browsing turns into something fruitful.

Take these Real Technique Brush Set Dupes that I found  on a browsing spree last month.

They are super super super cheap [cost a fraction of the price of the original] and you can get yours from where I got mine by following this link HERE.

They come in a choice of 3 different colours [light blue, gold and pink].

You can buy them in singles or as a set as I did.

All the brushes are super soft and super thick/dense - I was amazed the first time I unwrapped these.

There's no shedding at all [I was scared of washing these because of this - but obviously first thing I did was to wash them before using them].

They pick up makeup wonderfully and are amazing for blending. 

As you can see, you get a flat, tapered, stippling, angled and round brush in the set. 

I especially lovveeeee the angled brush [just perfect for bronzer!] and the tapered brush.

What a must buy!! Really really recommend!




  1. Good little set of dupes you have there x

  2. Thanks for sharing, I need to increase my brush set. Steph x


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