Saturday, 22 June 2013

Cute Coloured Pencils Nail Design [Step-by-Step Tutorial]

Dear readers,

So today I did one of the most fun, cute and colourful nail designs ever: coloured pencils!

This design is best achieved on pointy or almond shaped nails, but can also be done on on square ones if you flip the pencil over.

For this design I used acrylic paints (the primary colours) but you can also use nail polish and a striper or thin brush to outline the 'pencils'

This is the finished result:

Sooooo, start by drawing 3 half moon shapes near the free edge of the nail and fill the top part of the nail with the colour of your choice like so;

Then fill in the pointy part of the nail with a sand coloured polish or acrylic paint, whichever you prefer;

Use a lighter version of the main colour [in this case, blue] and draw a wide stripe in the middle of the nail, then paint the point with the darker colour you used for the base;

Repeat the process for the rest of the nails, using different colours. I used orange, blue, red, yellow and green.

If you do not have a steady hand you can leave them like this, or you can outline them in black like I did. Finally finish off with topcoat to protect your design and hardwork!

What do you think of this design? Would you wear it?




  1. Omg!! This is sooo cute! You weren't kidding when you said it's cute. How awesome are these designs. I don't think I could ever pull it off though with my short- squared type nails aahah. But well done hun! It's amazing!

    1. Nope, I was not kidding :p I lov ehow they turned out! But yeah, hard to do on short square nails. I have just posted another design [the ombre one] which you can try and will work beautifully on short nails too!

  2. Magnificent post!it looks so Good i just love it brilliant <3 <3 You Have A Wonderful Blog and i just love ur tutorials :)


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