Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Make Up Store Nail Polish in 'Margret' [Review]

Dear readers,

When holographic polish was first launched I searched high and low around Malta and online, but the ones I found were not to my liking because either the holo effect was not nice, or they cost a bomb.

I was really happy when I sent a message to the Make Up Store in Malta and they confirmed that they had holo polish in stock....

...but when I did check it out I was told that you had to buy a special kind of basecoat in order to use it under the holographic nail polish for it to have effect.

So I bought the next best thing, which was the 'Margret' nail polish with a shimmer finish.

I paid around Euro 11/12 for it and you get 8ml, so it is on the expensive side for a nail polish.

It is a gorgeous nude colour with holographic specks - excellent for those who love nude polish but would also like a twist in their usual manicure.

I haven't had any problems with it, the brush is the perfect size for use on both wide and narrow fingernails and it does not take ages to dry.

As usual I cannot talk about chipping since I only use nail polishes on nail extensions.

All in all very happy with this nail polish and would recommend it!




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  2. I love ur nails superb nail paint love ur choice :)


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