Sunday, 2 June 2013

Cute Retro E-Bay Handbag [Fashion] [Purchase]

Dear readers,

Since I haven't posted in a while [thanks goes to my end of semester exams] I thought of writing two posts today!

This one is about a handbag I bought from E-bay in May. It is this cute Retro looking handbag which I had been lusting over for the longest time ever!

It cost me just $10.99 (plus $5.99 shipping) and I got it from this seller here.

The handbag is a gorgeous beaten down brown colour [fake leather] and opens/closes with a retro style clasp - which is really secure.

To my utter surprise this handbag came with 2 different straps: a longer one so that you can carry it on your shoulders, and a shorter one so that you can carry the bag on your arms - how cool is that? You just attach whichever strap you want by using the loops/hooks.

Inside the bag you get 2 side pockets where you can put your mobile etc, and a side pocket with a zipper where you can put your keys, money etc.

Here is the bag:

Would you buy this?



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